Teel Plastics and BQ Rohrsysteme Start New Joint Venture

Teel and BQ were introduced through a mutual industry contact.  Having worked with both companies he thought there would be a fit.  “Fit is very important when starting on a joint venture,” says Mr. Smith.  “If you have the right fit, you can work out the details with a partner and everything comes naturally.”

The companies started discussions and soon realized they shared many of the same values and approaches to markets.  “We were impressed with Teel’s dedication to innovation and focus on providing value to the customers they work with,” says Mr. Vössing.  “Working with Teel came naturally to us.”  Teel BQ Americas was born out of these discussions.

Teel BQ is focused on providing PP-RCT pipe and fittings to the North American market.  The company will use Teel’s market connections and logistic system to distribute pipe made by BQ.  This offers a great opportunity for the North American market.

“We think North America could see great benefits from our product,” says Mr. Vössing.  “It really offers great advantages for many applications.”  Mr. Smith added “We think they have a great product and the market is looking for something like this as an improvement over convention technologies.”

Teel BQ Americas will continue the traditions of both companies by offering high quality products at a superior value while providing top notch customer service.


Teel’s Background

Nestled in the hills of south central Wisconsin, Teel has been in the plastics business for over sixty years.  Teel has grown over this time to serve a worldwide customer base with its top notch quality, customer service, and dedication to constructive relationships and innovation with its customers.  Despite its growth, Teel remains a family owned company focused on the values of hard work, respect, and individual initiative that make it a great place to work.

The drive to meet customer needs and provide superior value drives Teel’s distinguished team – a group of problem solvers that pride themselves on being professional, progressive, and personable.

Teel has continued to evolve over the years by adding capabilities and certifications.  Teel is ISO 9001 certified in its manufacturing areas and has a full service analytical lab that is ISO 17025 certified and focused in plastics analysis.

Teel has worked in the water treatment market for over twenty years and has been making pipe from commodity and engineering resins for nearly a decade as part of its long standing extrusion division.

Never one to offer a “me too” product, Teel has been scouring the world to find the next technology that can provide customers with high quality at a superior value.  “We constantly are looking for the next big innovation in our markets,” says Jay Smith, Teel’s CEO.  “Finding where markets are going and providing our customers what they need, not only today but in the future, is a big part of Teel’s value proposition.”

BQ Rohrsysteme’s Background

Located in Dalhausen in the heart of Germany, Beku, parent company of BQ Rohrsyteme, has been in the plastics business for over thirty years.  BQ serves a worldwide customer base that appreciate its quality, customer service, integrity, and value.  BQ is a second generation family company with Markus Vössing, the son of the original founder, helming the company and continuing its tradition of growth and innovation.

Providing proven quality at a fair price has been the cornerstone to BQ’s success, along with a skilled and dedicated team at every level in the organization.

BQ’s reputation for consistent quality and innovation make them a globally recognized brand in the PP-RCT pipe market.  BQ has been working with polypropylene (PP) to make pipes in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for a decade.  BQ is certified to international standards for pipe manufacturing and quality.  They use their onsite lab to check quality and consistency of their products truly sets them apart.

Despite their strong global position, BQ is always looking for new markets for their products.  “We make great products that improve our customer’s lives because of the value they offer over conventional materials,” says Markus Vössing.  “We want to continue to bring that value to more locations around the world.”